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19 September 2018 @ 11:32 pm

YES!! You heard it right! My journal is open to everyone.. And I mean everyone!! You can stalk this LJ for all I care.

Though I do ask to please leave a comment after or before or whenever you wish to add me as a friend..
I've been getting a lot of friend request and they don't even talk to me afterwards :(

So I really really hope you'd introduce yourself coz I'm very happy meeting new people! ^^

Everything you need to know about me is at the sidebar over there at your left! And if you want to friend me outside of this journal, just look under the "Connect With Me" tab still located at the sidebar.

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22 November 2017 @ 11:46 pm
I need to save some money desperately in time for the next year and although it might sting a bit, I'm willing to sell some of my JE stuff that I have bought online. 

I ship internationally and locally (UK)but the shipping will still have to be paid by the buyer, if you buy lots and the package gets heavy I can negotiate with you and maybe give a discount on the items to make the price and shipping not too expensive. I won't be able to give an exact price on the shipping fee until I can get the number of items and the actual weight, however I won't let you pay until I can get an exact figure from the post office and then until there is agreement with the total price (items and shipping). If there's anymore questions for shipping (internationally and UK) the Royal Mail has an article for UK delivery or international delivery. Feel free to look over it to see what kind of shipping method you'd like.

I only use Paypal for payments and nothing else. Prices will both be in pounds and dollars regardless of the exchange rate so don't worry. If you'd like to buy or even ask questions please leave me a comment or message with:
  • Name
  • Address (just town/city and country would be fine)
  • Items you want with the total price
  • Paypal email
  • Shipping method
  • Questions (if any or you could post some negotiations here with the items, prices etc.)
List of items for sale:

MagazinesCollapse )

Individual pin upsCollapse )

JE Official PhotosCollapse )

HSJ First PhotobookCollapse )

I'm not always on livejournal anymore so the password is here

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30 January 2013 @ 04:01 am
Wonder what everyone will think if I now announce that I may start becoming a kpop blog?

I mean... I've been a kpop fan for a year now. I've been with SHINee, EXO and SuJu for a year now. Why not just start being one over here? 

06 May 2012 @ 01:16 pm
So I haven't really been on here much in posting about my blogs and all only because I've been on Tumblr most of my time now due to other fandoms that is not JE.

But tbh...now that I heard NEWS i having a comeback I might just come by here more often. I haven't been the most supportive fan but having been with them for 3 years and they will still be special for me.

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27 January 2012 @ 07:57 am
As all Cocoa Otoko fans would know, the boys are releasing a single on March. The month of their disbanding ><

I've pre-ordered their single, both Jackets A and B of course and I don't even mind. The other Jacket is a full hour so I'm hoping that would be their Premium Cocoa Live DVD. The fuck Avex? Why not give us a full length concert DVD?

Other than that, because of popular demands, Cocoa Otoko is gonna be the cover AGAIN of Cast Prix Zero! ^O^ I just don't like how they plastered the word "LAST" right under their name though >>;; But its pink! Dark pink! And who here knows whose favourite colour that is *coughIdeTakucough*  So I pre-ordered that mofo too along with the MOTEL DVD which I've been wanting so bad for months now. Yeay for working during Xmas and New Year!!

Also, the main paint of this post is..........................





I just cannot explain the emotions I felt once I knew. I am so so so happy for him. Well, yes me as well but he's finally, finally being the idol he wants to be. His photobook will be released on his birthday, which I need to plan for in order to send him something nice yet small. No more packages, the shipping is a bitch >>;;

Ah yes, my fangirl life is happy.

On a side note: I also bought Kyuhyun cover Mr. Simple album! The cover is *O* and the ten gigantic photocards of each of the members are ASDFGHJKL! And Kyuhyun's photocard is killer. JUST KILLER.

Going back to CO. I already got the Premium Cocoa Albums, Jackets, A,B,C and I got Sho-chan as a trading card! :D B
ut I got the group one in Jacket which was okay, just that...I want a Kei and Kenken photocard. So totally hoping that the singles CDJ will send me is a Kei and Kenken photocard because GDI I want all 5 boys!

04 January 2012 @ 01:00 am

I got my Cocoa Otoko 5th single DVDs (Jacket A and B) and Miss Boys Making of DVD! I got the Seishun Diary version because it focuses on ShoKen mainly.

Isn't it pretty?

I got Yone-san in Jacket B as a trading card...and for Jacket A I got..... MY BABY TAKUYA! *O*

I screamed in the canteen when I saw it XD

Actually I had to send thee package to a friend of mine since my mum doesn't like me buying these stuffs although it is my own money.

I haven't even seen the PVs or the DVDs yet although I've seen people upload it but I just wanted to watch it when I get my DVDs.

And now I shall wait for CO.'s first album to arrive on my doorstep. Then, I shall order CO.'s MOTEL DVD boxset since I've gotten quite some points from CDJ *kisses CDJ*

That's all from me for now :3

22 December 2011 @ 04:50 am
I don't really know about having to stay in LJ for way too long. For the last 8 months all I've been doing is check my inbox then leave. I.... don't really follow any comms anymore except for CO. related and well if there was an Ide Takuya LJ comm I would've been following that actively as well.

But anyhow, if any of you would still want to keep in contact with me please do so by following my Twitter and Tumblr where I am more active at.

Do be warned that I tweet like every 2 seconds about everything  going on in my life, fandom and RL and well, I also RP in my Twitter so there's gonnabe  lots of 3rd person POV broadcasting happening so please feel free to follow me there if you still want to after that. For my Tumblr, I just reblog anything I like and I also tend to make my Tumblr a broadcast of my life. Like about anything. Although if unlike me you follow tons of blogs, you shouldn't be too worried since it'll be drowned by other posts you'd be more interested in anyways.

Links are at the sidebar if you're interested! Thanks :D
22 December 2011 @ 12:59 am
I wonder if I still have everyone on my friend list here? Its been ages since I've posted. Probably my latest post was this summer about around when Harikiri Megami was released.

So yeah.

More updates about my life under the cut...if you're willing to read that is.Collapse )
04 November 2011 @ 12:37 am
I'm planning to sell some of my NEWS/JE stuff but since I'm on holiday for 2 more weeks I'll have to wait to finalize everything.

I'm planning to sell official photos, uchiwas, CD and probably magazines, however I don't know if there is anyone willing to buy the magazine when the pin-ups are already taken off the pages, however I might sell the pin-ups too coz there are probably people willing to buy the pin-ups alone.

Would anyone care to give me their opinion about this? Its hard for me to let go of these things but I need the money for university. Please leave me a comment before I post up pictures of the products.