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~we can feel our lives~

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My name is Jonacel Nicole Pandan but I don't let anyone use my full name anymore coz I seriously think its too long. Preferred name: Nikki. Born on 22nd of November. JE fan, Tenimyu fan, Cocoa Otoko fan. BUT! A Kato Shigeaki fan first and foremost. Currently living in UK, born in the Philippines. Going for Business Management with Japanese Studies. Hoping to either work in Marketing or be an English as a Foreign Language Teacher. I'm way too lazy to do any designing in this profile but when I'd ever feel like it, come by and it might be less boring than this. Anyways, the main thing is, this is the journal I use for fandom uses, I have a separate writing journal that you can find at my welcome page. Any other social networks that you might like to add me in is still on my journal site under the links sidebar.

Then! That's it for now! じゃ待ったね!度もうよろしく!